With the marketing focus of skincare that usually targets the face area, the neck area is usually neglected. However, the neck on our skin is much thinner and therefore vulnerable to the damaging effects of the environment. This means that, our neck would be the first to reveal our age, rather than any other area on our face and body. To add on, with modern habits from the prolonged use of electronic devices, “tech neck” has become more prominent. The constant craning of necks adds on too much weight on the neck, causing the skin area to weaken and create rolls. The rolls created from the skin, with the added tension and accelerated skin aging is commonly seen as darkened neck lines that accompanies the rolls.

This lightweight daily neck serum targets the appearance of darkened neck lines and visibly firms up the neck area. Introducing a high concentration of ethylated vitamin c (a more stable derivative of l-ascorbic acid) that brightens and promote collagen production. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) complements by exfoliating and refining the skin texture. Finally with the help of double peptides, this hydrating serum plumps and elasticates the neck altogether. Neck area is now better strengthened, and a youthful elasticity is restored.

The name “Nefertia” is derived from the Ancient Egyptian Queen – Nefertiti, who is famous for her bust and her slender neck. With Nefertia, you’re right on track to achieve a world-famous neck like hers.