Redness Recovery Serum is a combination of novel and effective ingredients that reduces inflammation to rapidly calm facial redness (especially beneficial for Rosacea and Eczema conditions etc) and alleviate sensitivity.

This fast-absorbing lightweight serum incorporates saccharomyces lysate (a postbiotic from baker’s yeast) that manages the levels of microorganism Corynebacterium Kroppenstedtii, that is associated with facial redness at increased levels.

A blend of potent soothers and hydrators such as pumpkin seed and centella asiatica extracts repair and strengthen the weakened skin barrier to better lock in moisture and minimize dryness.

Redness recovery serum zooms in on focused factors of skin redness relating to a microbiome imbalance and inflammation.

This innovative serum also combines with a soothing base with mineral rich sea water and licorice extract that will rapidly dissolve inflammation.