Proudly Singaporean Made

Our formulas are developed in Sunny Singapore with the expertise and research by Dr Chu and the R&D team. We understand that the humidity in Singapore can be unbearable, thus our products are practically designed to be lightweight, with the avoidance of pore clogging ingredients. Our products are GMP certified.

Doctor Developed, Consumer Centric

Elan Skincare is established in 2017 by Dr Stephen Chu, Aesthetic Doctor, and Founder of The Aesthetics Firm, a Ministry of Health licensed clinic in Singapore. Dr Chu was inspired by his patients, who voiced out their frustrations for having to use multiple skincare products for a single skin concern but does not seem to effectively work on their skin.

All our products are made to have the highest concentrations possible but at a level that is safe enough to use without causing irritation. The product is made sure to be effective but also comfortable to use as well. Our diligently curated formulas includes a perfect blend of multiple active ingredients with the highest concentrations working in synergy that tackles the various aspects of a skin concern to achieve a common end goal, through Dr Chu’s expertise and research by our R&D team. Simply put, the result of a balanced teamwork is much more effective than the “less is more” theory, where there is only a sole focus of a single ingredient in one product, for such a complex system – Our unique skin. With that, many of our customers have seen tremendous results.

Elan’s first few product launches consists of Juvenescence, a high potency Vitamin C treatment that rapidly treats stubborn pigmentation and prevents potential darkening by defending skin from free radicals. To provide his patients a well-rounded care, he also developed Yì Bio-cellulose Face Mask, recommended as a post-laser skin care necessity due to its extremely hydrating function. Both products continue to remain as customer’s favorites today.

Till date, insights and feedback from his patients and consumers remains one of the important key factors that drives development.

Our Multifactorial Approached Formulas

A skin concern does not typically arise from a single direct cause, but rather, a group of underlying factors which differs for everyone.

Take for example, skin wrinkles does not only simply occur from ageing. Multiple factors such as our Environment (e.g., exposure to Sun and Pollution), an Individual’s Lifestyle (e.g, pollution from smoking, diet, constant frowning) and even accelerated by other skin concerns or skin types (e.g., dehydration induced wrinkles) are possible attributes.

With that, our innovative multifactorial approached formulas are made suitable for a wider range of individuals. By cutting down the various skincare steps that is meant to target a single skin concern, this makes our routine minimal yet effective. With an Elan Skincare routine, you are focusing on Quality, rather than Quantity.

Quality that is efficacious and sufficient for all.