Eye Stress Corrector targets the eye contour – dark circles, eye bags and puffiness, caused by urban stresses, fatigue and age. Rather than using brighteners to lighten dark eye circles, Eye stress corrector addresses the root of the issue – poor blood circulation that leads to clogged sluggish blood vessels, and stressed skin that creates a tired puffy eye appearance.

Cortisol is a type of stress hormone in which our skin cells release in response to stress. Prolonged stress can cause an over-production of cortisol which can disrupt our skin cycle’s momentum, creating a variety of issues such as a visible tired appearance. Wild Indigo extract balances cortisol production in skin cells to visibly reduce signs of stress and fatigue, such as dark eye circles and puffiness.

Lastly combined with a complex including soy and rice peptides complemented with antioxidants (such as superoxide dismutase) to improve blood circulation and protect against free radical damage, brightening and strengthening the delicate skin under the eyes, visibly leaving an energized and healthier appearance.