Intensive Creme Nourrissant replenishes lost moisture to strengthen the skin barrier due to dehydration and/or aging.

Engineered for intrinsically drier skin types, our proprietary formula not only deeply hydrates down to cell level, but also boosts a thicker skin with silanol technology, allowing moisture to be better trapped within.

In our skin, silicium is an essential element that plays an important role in ensuring an optimal skin architecture. The amount of silicium naturally declines with age, leading to structural collapse and a loss of firmness. Intensive Crème Nourrissant utilizes silanol technology to compensate the lost silicium and restructure skin.

A super cream power packed with skin compatible lipids, ceramides, antioxidants, and marine minerals to restore facial fullness and reverse signs of aging. Also enriched with hibiscus extract, a natural source of betaine to better manage the water balance in skin cells to protect against dehydration. Day by day, skin is better prepared and more resistant against external aggressors.

Apart from dry skin types, this cream is also suitable use during a dry winter season, as moisture tends to escape faster from skin.