Decadence combats visible signs of aging and restores healthy collagen with a blend of antioxidants, collagen boosting agents and brighteners in a comforting base.

Decadence protects collagen against degradation induced by the environment, aging and excess glucose.,The combination of glycation process (mainly driven by a high sugar diet) and oxidative stress can cause a vicious cycle of skin damage that degrades the quality of collagen and elastin, accelerating the aging process which shows up on skin as age spots, a loss of elasticity and a compromise on cell’s metabolism which can increase skin sensitivity etc.

Natural antioxidant Grape Caviar contains a rich content of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and omega 3 fatty acids which brings a myriad of benefits for the skin, such as a fortified skin barrier, improved elasticity, and better moisture retention.

Decadence features a skin restoring peptide that prevents the glycation process in skin and repairs damages effectively to ensure a healthy regeneration of cells and collagen. This super ingredient is also a unique antioxidant that detoxifies skin of free radical damage.

This non-greasy gel crème with olive derived Squalane deeply replenishes both hydric and lipidic parts in skin that is vital to set a stable foundation for barrier repair.