Scalp Restoration Essence is a multi-beneficial serum with our proprietary hair growth blend that promotes scalp health and encourages hair growth. Infused with beneficial minerals and nutrients from powerhouse ingredient rice extract to promote hair density, the formula also rebalances the scalp’s microbiome and purifies for freshness with lavender water.

A very practical hair serum that all ages could use, whether it is to maintain a healthy scalp, or treat a compromised scalp. Ultimately, we are all afraid of hair loss and the number one goal of every haircare journey is to ensure healthy strong locks on a fresh scalp, and that is what Scalp Restoration Essence can do for you.

For an aging scalp, hair growth starts to slow down. Scalp Restoration Essence acts on stem cells to reactivate their growth. Another factor of hair loss is an oily and itchy scalp, which clogs the follicles and stop its growth. By treating and nourishing the scalp, which is foundation of hair growth, you can be better assured that it will create a favorable environment for hair to flourish well.