Bio-cellulose is a natural fibre that is made from coconut and it has a strong affinity to water. This makes bio-cellulose a magnet to hydration, and the perfect ingredient to use for facial masks. Each bio-cellulose fibre measures 20 nanometers, which is 1000 times thinner than the human hair. When intertwined with each other, bio-cellulose fibers are much stronger than normal fibers, having the ability to retain water to up to 100 times its dry weight.

Yân Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask is powered with a high-quality blend of ingredients, targeted to renew, and regenerate your eye area, the windows of our souls. A magnet to hydration, bio-cellulose is the perfect foundation to use for effective absorption of our potent serum. Yân powerfully hydrates and plumps in hollow areas, injecting youth into our eyes and filling in fine lines.

Infused within the formula is a blend of soothing, anti-aging and barrier repairing actives to calm inflammation and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes. Antioxidants neutralizes free radicals from the environment to protect our eye area from further degradation.

Yân makes sure that no matter where you go, your eyes are bedazzling.