Think of it as a daily supplement that strengthens your skin’s first line of defence, which is essentially the foundation of strong healthy skin.

Probiotic gel targets oilier skin types, with a focus on microbiome imbalance. The skin microflora is amongst the first line of defence for our skin’s immunity. A compromise or imbalance of it can lead to certain skin conditions, such as an increase in skin’s oiliness or acne in this case.

In summary, prebiotics function as beneficial food for the good bacteria, helping them to thrive, and probiotics (inactive) are essentially derived from live bacteria (you will see it as probiotic lysate or ferment) that are beneficial for our skin and help the good bacteria on our skin to flourish better.

As such, the microbiome agents in probiotic gel strengthens the skin’s natural defences against the environment and rebalances the microbiome to normalise sebum levels. Probiotics also deliver a wide array of benefits such as calming inflammation, boosting hydration, balancing skin pH levels, reducing skin redness and acne breakouts.

With probiotic gel, we are delivering 20 types of prebiotics and probiotics – a diverse number that can help your skin to function better and look its best. Now your skin is prepped and ready for war against the environment! Expect a 100% success rate every time. Gel-type formula makes it comfortable for all skin types, absorbs smoothly without leaving a tacky after-feel.

This lightweight gel-type formula is further supplemented with bamboo water for soothing hydration and Bakuchiol for a boastful smooth skin texture. Day by day, skin is healthier and clearer with a natural, radiant glow.